course curriculum summer of 2024

Throwing on the potters wheel

  • Sunday 30th June (day of arrival) to Saturday 6 juli 2024 – Throwing on the potters wheel (fully booked)
  • Sunday 14 (day of arrival) to Saturday 20 juli 2024 – Throwing on the potters wheel (fully booked))

For beginners and advanced
Teacher: Kees Agterberg

The week ends with a reduction glaze firing.

During the course weeks we will be working with the very plastic stoneware clay Grés.

Beginners learn the basic techniques of how to prepare, center and pull up the clay – as well as finishing the pieces by trimming. The bowl shape and the cylinder will be the starting points.

With advanced students we’ll discuss and develop new techniques and we’ll work, for example, on composite shapes such as jugs, teapots, jars with lids.

course layout


On the day before the course we’ll welcome you with a meal in Portuguese atmosphere; a great opportunity to get to know each other a little. 


The course starts daily at 9.30am. There will be a short coffee break at 11.00am and the lesson continues until 1.00pm.
A delicious lunch will be ready for you at 1.00pm.
The afternoons are an opportunity to work freely; of course you can also choose to go out and explore the area, or go for a refreshing swim in the nearby Alva river.
Around 7.30pm we’ll end the day together by having supper.

Closing and parting

On Saturday morning around 10.00am we’ll organise a small exhibition and discuss the work. Around 11.00am we ‘ll say our goodbyes.


Summer 2023

We apply one price for the courses; except for the travel costs there are no additional fees.
The price includes: the course, materials and firing costs, the stay (6 nights including breakfast), lunches and dinners. It is also possible to participate in the course without renting accommodation.

When staying in a shared room in one of our accommodations€824,-
When staying in a single room in one of our accommodations€899,-
Course fee without accommodations and meals (incl. lunch)€620,-